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Is becoming increasingly popular, especially among the photographers in America "street portrait" or taking portraits on the street without the aid of special equipment photo studio, so directly, trying to capture the essence of the person, no lights or special tricks ... That's what I tried to do.

My city is full of ancient and modern wonderful architectures, and most of these photos were taken in Rome is right. But I assure you that in Italy and around the world there as well. In my travel experiences I enjoyed stopping images of towers, skyscrapers, cathedrals, archaeological ruins and wonderful cities.

In social research or in the documentary, the images are intended to pave the way for social change. The "street photography" is disinterested in his nature, but it provides a true representation of the world. 

The street photography, social landscapes, so they are the mirror image of the company and show "no manipulation" scene, with subjects that are usually unaware of the presence of the photographer.

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