Corrado developed a passion for photography in his early twenties. He met photography for his first time in his relationship with his older brother who used to take photos with a Yashika film camera since the 80’s; in this way Corrado established a strong relationship with the images world and their reproduction in which he showed to be very interested. Some years later his passion flows like a river in flood thanks to the advice of a friend who is a cinema director. He gift him a digital reflex camera and invites Corrado to take photos with that one. Than an important work on himself and on own emotions has been made, so Corrado began to experience and share his points of view about the photography art: “Portraits”, “modern and ancient Architectures”, “social landscapes”, “still life” and those which he defines “details” are the areas where his photographs are set. But, fascinated by the colours, he often goes through a satured and black & white photography exclusively when the severe standards that he established for these techniques are respected. So he studies himself by observing the techniques of artists like Henry Cartier-Bresson, Steve McCurry, Helmut Newton, Sebastiao Salgado and by visiting the major photographs’ exhibitions, exposed in the museums of all the cities in Italy and abroad where he has been and has worked. Over the years he has acquired the ability to deal with the different organizations involved in the contemporary art system and to operate in the photography collaborating in the design and creation of Italian art exhibitions and cultural events dealing with the communication, implementation and staging exhibitions, Photography by furnishing catalogs and Creating Photo Books.